IGBO Women Association Nottingham (IWAN) is a member organisation which exists for social welfare purpose.  Members support each other using a variety of methods.  The Association encourages and helps members to demonstrate and positively present the IGBO culture.  Members put on demonstrations to showcase ethnic foods.  Dance is used to interact socially, to relax, to improve health, to learn and show to other elements of IGBO culture.

Members are provided with the opportunity to learn about ways to improve their health and ways to live better in the local community.  Speakers are brought in to support this process.  Social, recreational activities are held, such as summer picnics and BBQ’s, sporting activities are held.   All of these activities, help improve the lives of the members, improve community cohesion across the broad community, healthier people mean less drain on public resources.   IGBO women can express themselves, speak openly and safely something difficult in a mixed community of IGBO people.  The wider community can benefit from learning about the culture associated with the IGBO people; this can have a very positive impact, better understanding and appreciation can improve the lives of the wider community.

The group provides support and help to members to learn new things, to learn new skills.  Women who are feeling oppressed within poor relationships are supported.  Members can be signposted by someone who knows them, to places for support.

Speakers are invited from health agencies, benefits agencies, social workers, and organisations connected with employment, to talk to members, to help advise them, point them in the right direction to better themselves and improve their lives.